Curtis Christopherson

Meet Curtis Christopherson, Canada’s Healthpreneur

Curtis Christopherson is a leading Canadian fitness and health entrepreneur. From award-winning businesses to charitable work, from record setting adventuring to educating about health and fitness, Curtis embodies what it means to be Canada’s Healthpreneur.


Curtis’ path to becoming Canada’s leading fitness and health entrepreneur started with studying Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. After working as a personal training in West Vancouver, he opened Innovative Fitness, one of the largest independent network of training studios in North America.

He’s also a partner in Reflex Supplements, one of Canada’s largest health and supplement retail chain, as well as a partner in RAD Roller, a global leader in mobility products and education.

Curtis has received several recognitions such as the Surrey Board of Trade Business Person of the Year in 2016, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and more.




North America's largest network of Personal Training studios.

After 4 years of studying Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, Curtis rocketed on to the health and fitness scene in 2003, when he started personal training in West Vancouver, BC. Within 2 years he would open Innovative Fitness (IF) where he quickly demonstrated the ability to lead a team of professional trainers and run a highly successful business. Over the years, Innovative Fitness became a leader in the personal training industry and is now known for its high quality service offerings and incredible corporate culture. In 2010, this led to Curtis being nominated as Ernst & Young’s Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year as he led the organization. By 2018, Curtis would be leading what is believed to be the largest independent network of personal training studios in North America, with 12 locations and over 250 full-time personal trainers.


One of Canada's leading Health & Supplement Retail Chains.

In 2016, Curtis became a partner in Reflex Supplements, an established health and supplement retail chain that was founded in 1994 out of Vancouver, Canada. With his expertise in the health and fitness space, and a focus on building incredible corporate culture, Curtis was able to help the company triple in size from 7 to 24 locations in under 3 years. Reflex Supplements is now the most successful supplement retail chain in Western Canada and one of the largest across Canada. This growth and recent success earned him recognition in 2016 as Surrey Board of Trade's Business of the Year and Business Person of the Year.


A global mobility, movement, and education based product company.

While leading the team at Innovative Fitness, Curtis continued to see gaps and opportunities in the health and fitness industry. After a unique opportunity presented itself in 2012, Curtis and two other cohorts went on to invent a product that would eventually evolve into the “RAD Roller”, operating under RAD, a mobility product and education company that is impacting the fitness industry globally. Curtis is responsible for many of RAD’s sales strategies, developing a global mobility education platform, and establishing international strategic partnerships, including all the influential athletes, professional sports teams, or health professionals that use and support RAD products.



And in his spare time…

Curtis Christopherson has been well ahead of his age for most of his life. As a prominent athlete, Curtis was a key member of the water polo, track & field, volleyball, wrestling and swim teams in his senior high school years. Along with his athletic pursuits, Curtis graduated from Fleetwood Park Secondary School in Surrey, BC in 1999 with honours. His early commitment to athletics and academics earned him several scholarships including recognition across Canada when he was selected as one of two recipients for the Petro Canada Olympic Torch Scholarship. During his high school and university years, Curtis Christopherson was also a key member of the Provincial and Canadian National Water Polo programs. By the time he was 20 years old, he had won 6 national championships and had participated several International competitions representing Canada. In 2001, he decided to move to Calgary, Alberta where he would continue his athletic focus with the Canadian National Water Polo team and travel the world to represent Canada. After two years of full-time training and two National Championships later, he decided it was time to move back to Vancouver, BC and focus on his career.


His most important job title: father.

Outside his business endeavours, Curtis is a dedicated husband and father. Curtis has been married to his rock-star wife Melissa since 2012, they have two young children named Kennedy and Easton. Whether playing games in their backyard in White Rock, BC or getting out and exploring the west coast wilderness, Curtis stays actively engaged with his young family.