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Curtis Christopherson has been well ahead of his age for most of his life. As a prominent athlete, Curtis was a key member of the water polo, track & field, volleyball, wrestling and swim teams in his senior high school years. Along with his athletic pursuits, Curtis graduated from Fleetwood Park Secondary School in Surrey, BC in 1999 with honours. His early commitment to athletics and academics earned him several scholarships including recognition across Canada when he was selected as one of two recipients for the Petro Canada Olympic Torch Scholarship. During his high school and university years, Curtis Christopherson was also a key member of the Provincial and Canadian National Water Polo programs. By the time he was 20 years old, he had won 6 national championships and had participated several International competitions representing Canada.  In 2001, he decided to move to Calgary, Alberta where he would continue his athletic focus with the Canadian National Water Polo team and travel the world to represent Canada. After two years of full-time training and two National Championships later, he decided it was time to move back to Vancouver, BC and focus on his career.

In addition to running his businesses, Curtis has completed several extreme adventures & incredible physical feats. Curtis has competed in a 100km Del Sahara desert run, several Half Ironman’s, over 15 marathons, been on the podium for multiple adventures, and knocked off some international hikes such as the West Coast Trail (in 21 hrs), Machu Picchu, and Kilimanjaro to name a few examples. He has also been a part of teams that cycled across Canada (which set a Guinness Book of World Records) and Australia to raise over a million dollars for Juvenile Diabetes.

In 2007 Curtis co-wrote the book “Swim Upstream - Unsubscribing to Conventional Wisdom” and together with a group of literary cohorts has published two more books. He was a primary contributor to the Fitness Fantasy reality series featured in The Province newspaper and aired on Global Television. He was also featured on Global Television by providing daily ‘Fit Tips’ in the morning, and later authored a Province column called 12 Weeks to a Better Body. Currently he is the health & fitness expert on Breakfast Television in Vancouver.

Beyond his years, this young man will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the health and fitness industry and again Curtis has no qualms about bringing others along for the journey.